What is PokeGoCodes?

PokeGoCodes lets you submit your Pokemon Go Trainer Code for other players to see, and you can find players in your vicinity, or any place that you are travelling to.

Why the need for it?

This will help completing the medal for Friends added, increase everyone's chances of sending/receiving gifts like a ping-pong effect and benefit those who do not have much access to other Pokemon Go Trainers.

What if I do not wish to be Friends with someone?

You can always deny the request in-app to avoid a request.

Will it help me meet new Trainers?

You could find new Trainers most likely. We are not liable for anything that may happen due to your interaction with any Friend you find on PokeGoCodes. Stay safe and make your choices well!

Is my data safe on PokeGoCodes?

You enter your username (which can be hidden on our site) and your Trainer Code, which is accessible by the public. Please do not enter your emails, passwords or social handles.