PSA – Revives & Misuse with Trainer Battles

With Trainer Battles about to go live in the nearby future, it seems likely that there will be returning players and a lot of competition, giving rise to problems.

Though Trainer Battles was something people have looked forward for many years, a lot of questions arise, especially how are items given out.

Now, the Sinnoh Stone is one of the most sought after item in the game. So here’s where my two concerns lie –

Potions & Revives 

These two health items will be rare and in much more demand once PvP rolls out and there will be a backlash most likely due to it; using 3 of your high powered Pokemon for 20 battles a day could mean 30 Revives and Super/Max Potions, depending on results.

You don’t want to burn your inventory this quick; hopefully the rewards cover the loss, but an issue nonetheless – get ready to hear excuses by fellow trainers; they might really not have the resources to raid with you.

The Misuse 

What is mentioned above brings us to the next interesting bit – the leagues being misused for inventory management and rewards.

If Niantic lets users have unlimited Trainer Battles, then it won’t be long before people realize that they need to conserve their items. The Ace Trainer medal and the need for Sinnoh Stones could create an interesting scenario –

Two players using really low level Pokemon in the Master League, expecting a great payout. This would also help them towards aforementioned medal, so this might be done extensively. The Ace Trainer medal will go from one of the most sought after to one of the most common.

There is also the question of multiple accounts which carry the same principles, which would make it a rinse and repeat pattern, which would lead to bored players easily.


So, IGN’s article states that revives/potions won’t be used, same with weather boosts, hence this post has little meaning. They did have a hands on experience, but it wasn’t the final build either. This is what keeps me on my toes.