Community Day Mumbai – Eevee 2018

This was the first time a Community Day was spread over two days, leading to mixed reactions from people in their local groups. Some were happy with the fact that they could go to work on Saturday and then peacefully grind and go shiny hunting on Sunday. Others felt that it was a long stretch for a Pokemon with so many possibilities, bundled with the fact that the charged move was Last Resort as well.

When things got underway, though, everyone was excited about the aspect of finding the right Eevee; 6 hours of a normal type Pokemon you never knew wanted so badly.

Personally, I couldn’t attend the first day due to work and personal commitments, but I managed to play in my neighbourhood and get a single shiny –

Apart from that adorable shiny, I manged to get some common spawns for some AR shots –

PS – The Eevee on the cup came out to be better than I expected.

For the next day, I headed to the only place that helps in grinding – Shivaji Park, Dadar – to improve the count.

In the end, I managed 9 shiny Eevee and it was worth it. I haven’t evolved any yet but hopefully I will get the best out of them. Here are a few more shots from the second day –

In the end, it was a good day with proper feel good vibes. I didn’t feel convinced with my haul since I missed out on the first day, but hopefully, as time goes, I will forget about it.


I decided to terminate the Trainer Interviews because a majority of the answers submitted were short, casual and monotonous, hence, not lying in the spirit I wanted to capture; you can catch previous interviews on the blog, and we are planning to integrate this on our YouTube channel, with well known and reputed trainers in and around the country. Apologies for the inconvenience as well as the delay in making a statement.


Have a great day ahead!